Free Parking

474 free parking spaces

To reach Supernova Krško leave the highway and turn right at the first crossing with traffic lights. Or simply put our address Cesta krških žrtev 141, 8270 Krško in your navigation system.

You can park in front of the shopping centre at 474 free parking spaces.

Welcome to Supernova!


Baby Room - Space for you and your Baby

Family friendly centre

Shopping can be a very challenging task if we are accompanied by young children or babies. That is why we have prepared detached nursery facilities where you can change your baby’s nappies or feed them in peace. The Baby Room at Supernova Krško is located in the ladies restroom.

A parents and kids friendly shopping centre!


Wallet friendly

At Supernova Krško Shopping Centre you can find Unicredit Bank ATM machine. Fast banking services, financial check-ups and cash withdrawals are available at one ATM machine.


Always connected

Supernova Krško offers you the opportunity to use a free internet connection. Take a look at Supernova’s website and check current discounts, promotions and new offers.

Free shopping tips always at your fingertips!




Postal services

Mailbox and ParcelLocker

The shopping centre offers a mix of different shops, services and socializing. Among other things, at Supernova Krško you can send your mail via regular post or use ParcelLockers to send or get delivered various packages.