Comfortable, high quality and according to the latest trends. Fashion footwear at Supernova Qlandia Krško never disappoints. Find shoes for every occasion.

A wide selection of footwear models - from Italian shoes to work footwear

At footwear stores, in Supernova Krško shopping center, you will find an always fresh fashion collection of footwear for women and men, as well as a rich selection of children's shoes in attractive playful colours. Choose your trend, find a shoe that fits you perfectly and step into your day without any worries!

At LaScarpa store, find fashion Italian footwear of quality workmanship from renowned brands and a wide range of leather shoes at an attractive and affordable price. Do you spend a lot of time on your feet at work? Treat your feet to the anatomically shaped, certified Kopitarna Sevnica protective footwear. Fashion enthusiasts will also get their money's worth at the store, as original handmade footwear awaits them there, and, of course, they can't do without the legendary clogs, which are conquering the world with their authenticity and comfort.

Don’t forget about comfort when it comes to footwear

Choose footwear that will spread happiness right up to every toe on your foot, step into a full fashion style. A sovereign step and confidence for a really perfect day start with the right pair of shoes. It is no secret that we fall in love with a pair of shoes several times a year, thus, when choosing footwear, do not neglect another important factor - comfort. In addition to a fashion look according to the latest trends, quality shoes will also give you an easy step and a smile without sore feet. When buying shoes, therefore, try differently shaped models, choose natural materials such as leather, and trust the quality of recognized brands. Soft footwear that fits your foot perfectly will make that breakthrough in your wardrobe.

This is followed by the offer of shoe stores at Supernova Krško shopping centre. Whether you are looking for shoes for a business suit, seductive heeled shoes or perhaps relaxed ballerinas for long walks, you will find the right footwear for you. You can perfectly complement your street style with cool sneakers, and ensure freshness to summer days with comfortable flip-flops, slippers, espadrilles or elegant sandals.